Review: Match images of pastry against the clock with Memory Game Pastry

Quickly solve memory puzzles by flipping and matching images of yummy desserts with Memory Game Pastry.

Memory Game Pastry lets the user enjoy playing a basic, timed memory game featuring colorful desserts. The game includes an easy-to-use interface and offers high-speed gameplay.

Once Memory Game Pastry installs, the user is able to immediately access the main menu without further registration or other hassles. The main menu is visually pleasant and includes colorful icons and entertaining pictures. Its elementary layout features three buttons. Users can start a new game, view high scores, or exit the game. If a new game is selected, then the user must select from four different and increasingly harder difficulty levels. The easiest level includes six images that must be matched, while the hardest level includes 20. The images are high contrast and colorful. A time clock sits near the bottom of the screen and it begins counting when the user selects the first image to be revealed. It stops when the final image has been matched. As pairs are matched with one another, they are removed from the game board.

Memory Game Pastry isn't time consuming or particularly hard, but with its colorful design, children will enjoy this game. It is stable, uses very little memory, and features a well-designed user interface. For those looking for a game that can be played in a couple of minutes, or a game that can help improve memory and boost mental performance, this download is a perfect choice.

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