Review: GroupVox makes group chats and Push-to-Talk conversations possible

Chat with your Facebook friends and send group messages using this walkie-talkie app.

GroupVox brings back the old school Push-to-Talk method of communication and integrates it with Facebook. It could be a fine group chat app if you can find people to talk to. However, you might have a tough time doing that as the app is sincerely lacking in users. Sadly, it's also missing standout features that would bring those users over from the dozens of other chat apps they're probably already using. The unique features it does have might not be enough to win people over.

This app uses your Facebook profile for signup, so you'll need to sign in to get to the good part. Once you're there, the app will scan your profile to help you connect with your friends who are already using the app. During testing, that amounted to a grand total of zero people. Like its name suggests, GroupVox greatly mirrors apps like Voxer in terms of features. You can send quick voice messages to your friends, in addition to pictures and video messages. Where this app is different is that it lets you send multiple messages to several people at once. You can message groups you're in or events you're attending, too. However, anyone who wants to listen to the message has to download the app to do it. If you like this app, this might not be a bad way to get your friends to join in.

Give GroupVox a shot if you don't mind trying to recruit all of your friends to a brand new app. You can always say you were in at the beginning if it manages to grow its user base.

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