Review: Control Center seems like the real thing, but it can get in your way

Get this iOS-style control center on an Android to quickly and easily open your favorite apps.

Control Center gives your Android an iOS-style panel where you can access most of your phone's features, but the downside is that it never goes away. It's always hanging out in the bottom-third of your phone, waiting for you to accidentally tap it. It's a neat way to get to most of the features you'd need instant access to, but an option to hide it when not in use is sorely missing.

Once you've got the app installed, you can start it by turning the Start Service option on. Once this option is on, you'll have access to other options and settings for configuring touchable areas, the music playback app, background color, toggles, and shortcuts. There are also options to contact the developers and share the app with friends. On the bottom there is a link for upgrading to the pro version of the app. Once set, the app gives you a little wedge on the bottom of your phone's home screen -- left, right, or in the middle, depending on how you configured it. It's always there, even in the middle of games and on your gadget's lock screen. So, it goes without saying that you'll accidentally bump it more often than you want. You can change the icon to remedy that a little by adjusting its width and height, but you won't be able to change colors or anything else about the appearance. You can change what shortcuts to other apps Control Center gives, though. By default, it gives you access to your volume, screen brightness, utility apps, and a neat, powerful flashlight.

Despite the ever-present icon, Control Center proves itself a useful app, overall. We look forward to future releases that will address this problem, but even at this stage, it's worth a download.

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