Review: Cat and Kitten Sounds for Android lets you play over 40 realistic sounds

Listen to dozens of cats meow on your Android device with the Cat and Kitten Sounds for Android app.

Cat and Kitten Sounds for Android includes plenty of meow sounds, but you can't do anything with them but listen. If all you want is a generic, kitten-themed soundboard, it's probably right up your alley. However, if you're looking for notification tones or ringtones, you won't find them here. Without those, there's not much that makes this app better than a Web-based soundboard.

The app gives you a soundboard of about 50 different cat sounds. Each sound has its own icon, and you might recognize some meme cats like Limecat and Gentleman Cat. The cat's picture gives you an idea of the sound you'll hear, so an angry cat will make a hissing meow while a happy cat will sound like it's purring. You can make the cat sounds overlap if you like, so you can have about three or four sounds going at once. You can't loop any of the sounds, though. In fact, you can't use any of the sounds outside of the app, either. The only thing Cat and Kitten Sounds for Android offers as far as menus go is an option to rate and share the app with your friends.

Although it offers plenty of cat sounds and an okay layout, Cat and Kitten Sounds for Android could use some additional options to make it more appealing to a wider audience and differentiate it from other soundboards. If you're just a staunch cat lover, this app might appeal, but most will be disappointed by the lack of features.

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