Review: A stylish, fun shooter, Angel Slash harkens back to 90s arcade classics

Fight against demons in a well-designed and enticing side-scrolling shooter.

An exciting side-scrolling shooter for mobile devices, Angel Slash comes with nifty graphics, nearly endless gameplay, and very few drawbacks. It's a great tribute to the old arcade top-scrolling shooter many gamers grew up with. Its snappy performance and controls are wonderful, but the repetitive levels do get a little old after a while.

This game lets you control an angel with the job of shooting down all sorts of nasty-looking demons. As you kill enemies, your weapons get more and more powerful. If things get extra hairy, you can use a special attack to destroy the entire screen. The game's demons look very stylish for being 2D, and the background looks even better. The game offers more levels than you'll ever have time for, which is stunning since most of the levels can take five-ten minutes or more. Sadly, Angel Slash does get a little repetitive, but its progressive difficulty helps keep things challenging for a while. There are plenty of extra art, characters, and other goodies for you to unlock if you get good enough to beat the game. The game's music is a little cheesy, but it makes sense with the rest of the game's nostalgic look and feel.

If you love vertical-scrolling games, then this game fits your collection perfectly. It's got hours of gameplay and doesn't fill it with too many ads or clunky controls. As far as free action games go, Angel Slash ranks high in quality. The fact that it's tapping into a genre that many smartphone games don't is just icing on the cake.

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