Review: Magix Photo Designer provides lots of features

Modify and improve all of your photos and images using this powerful image editor.

Magix Photo Designer offers enough features and good looks to rival many photo-editing programs. It's confusing to set up, but it's all worthwhile once you get to work. It's especially helpful for users who fell in over their heads with programs like Photoshop.

Though the program comes free of charge, you can only use it for a few days before you have to register with your e-mail address. The program isn't terribly large, but it takes a surprisingly long time to set up when you first install it. Once you see how many features Magix Photo Designer has, it will make sense, though. The program lets you do just about everything you would with expensive, paid photo-editing software. All of the usual suspects like resizing and filters are here, plus you can even retouch and correct exposure. The best part is that the program offers a few one-click ways to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. All of the program's great features are packed into a layout that looks really attractive. The program's menus are very intuitive, making it easy to find the features you're looking for in no time.

Magix Photo Designer bucks the trend of professional-grade photo software that is aimed at users with tons of computer knowledge. It's incredibly easy to use, but gives enough features to satisfy even the toughest critics. It's easily one of the most powerful photo-editing downloads you can find.

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