Review: Convert video and audio with WinX Mobile Video Converter

Convert files to play on your phone and other mobile devices with this capable shareware.

Digiarty's WinX Mobile Video Converter is a program that converts video files (audio, too) to play on your mobile devices, whatever they are. All you need to do is select the appropriate output profile for your device or needs, and it does the rest. Although it's extremely easy to use, it's not stripped down or lacking in features or performance; in fact, it also joins, crops, and edits videos and can add external subtitles, too. It comes with 320 video codecs, 60 audio codecs, and 200 about profiles, including support for many HD formats. WinX Mobile Video Converter is free to try, though the trial version only converts five minutes of video -- long enough to see if it's for you (and longer than many YouTube videos). It's suitable for Windows 2000 to 8; we tried the full version in Windows 7.

With a preview pane, list view with thumbnails, and giant "Run" button, WinX Mobile Video Converter's user interface offers an efficient and reasonably attractive variation on a layout that practically says "video utility." The preview pane displayed the green Android robot mascot for its default profile, Android devices. You can drag and drop files into the main window or click the "Add Video" button. We loaded a clip and selected an Output Profile on a wizard, choosing from various Music, Android, Apple, Microsoft, and Blackberry & Nokia device selections. WinX Mobile Video Converter offered recommendations for each compatible profile. We selected Android Mobile Video, then To Samsung Mobile Video, and finally to our specific model, Galaxy SIII. We could even set output quality on a slider. We selected the High Quality Engine option, set the program to use all our CPU's cores, and pressed "Run." A detailed pop-up tracked the job's progress, and the folder holding our finished video opened automatically. Finished videos looked just right on our phone's screen.

WinX Mobile Video Converter isn't expensive, but freeware with similar capabilities is available, so we suggest including it on your tryout list. Its edge in performance and convenience might suit your needs better than the more basic, free apps.

Editors' note: This is a review of the full version of WinX Mobile Video Converter 3.0.0. The trial version only converts five minutes of video.

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