Review: My Eyes Only Pro is a powerful, mobile-based data protection app

Store your private data including passwords and user information on your phone.

My Eyes Only Pro is one of the most robust, feature-rich password management apps on the App Store today. This free app allows you to store passwords in the cloud, access them on any of your iOS devices, and ensure they remain extra secure with various levels of encryption designed to block unauthorized access either through an outside connection or if someone gets hold of your phone. The result is a must-have for business users or anyone who wants to take their passwords on the go with them.

Because My Eyes Only uses cloud backup to ensure your passwords are safe, even if something happens to your phone, you'll need to create an account before using it the first time. Once you've created your account, you can set some of your early security settings, which the app will walk you through, and then start entering personal information. The data entry screens are sleek and easy to use, and there are options for nearly everything here, from bank accounts and credit card numbers to passwords for various online accounts.

My Eyes Only is an extremely useful app, and the way it is designed makes it nearly impossible to actually lose your passwords. A lost wallet is less stressful when you have all of your credit card numbers and bank phone numbers in an app that you can access from anywhere, even if you lose your phone with your wallet. If you are looking for a way to protect your personal information while maintaining access to it on the go, this app is the answer.

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