Review: My Contacts Manager Free is a mobile backup solution for your contacts

Never lose a contact again, while keeping them synced across multiple devices.

My Contacts Manager Free adds a handful of new features to your contact managing abilities, while providing a third-party backup feature for your contacts list. The result is a useful app that doesn't do quite as much as you might like, but that works well to supplement the contact management features built-in to iOS 6. For some this won't be quite enough, but for most casual and even some business users, it will mean a nice suite of added features.

After installation, the app will recognize and start organizing your contacts right away, just as soon as you give it access to them. The home screen has a big green "backup" button on it, so that's your first and most important step, but afterwards, you can do more. You can sort through them one at a time, select more than one and send them a message or e-mail, or mass delete or back them up. Additionally, your backup files contain all of the images you've added over the years so you won't lose anything important there.

My Contacts Manager Free has a fair number of limitations in that you can only back up 50 contacts without paying for an upgrade. This means that most people who use their phones frequently will need to pay before they can use the app. The backup and restore features are nice, but without additional contact management tools, and with no social integration, it's hard to warrant the upgrade unless you absolutely need a backup and restore tool for your contacts on a local device.

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