Review: iColorfulsoft Photo Editor is a feature-rich editing and sharing tool

Edit, crop, filter, and share your photos in dozens of fun ways with this well-crafted iOS app.

iColorfulSoft is a smartly-made, well-designed photo editing app with a number of features that work seamlessly alongside one another. The presentation here is clean, smooth, and fast. Combined with robust sharing features, you have a very nice, very easy to use photo editing app.

The home screen for iColorfulSoft Photo Editor allows you to choose between one of three options -- editing, creating a collage, and the material shop where you can download dozens of additional materials including effects, frames, cards, text, decorations, and backgrounds. There is a very large volume of options here, and a good number of them are free, making it possible to really stretch what this app can do. The core filters and materials look quite good, though, and in the editing screen you'll find all the standard options -- effects, frames, cards, text, color adjustments, and various decorations. When done, you can save all of this and share it to your album or one of six social networks.

iColorfulSoft Photo Editor manages to pack dozens of features into a streamlined, easy-to-use interface, while offering additional upgrades in a way that makes the app almost immediately accessible to anyone who picks it up. If you're looking for a new photo editor, check this one out.

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