Review: Fort Reports streamlines compiling notes into a home inspection report

Create home inspections quickly with this mobile, photo-friendly iPad app.

Fort Reports digitizes one of the more laborious tasks associated with buying and selling real estate -- the home inspection. As a result, inspections can be performed faster, within strict guidelines and delivered to the homeowners very quickly complete with attached photos. Fort Reports is designed for ease of use and it shows in every aspect of the app -- from the streamlined setup process to the carefully designed set of menus and navigation features throughout the app.

Designed only for iPad, Fort Reports needs all of the screen real estate it occupies. You can sign up for an account right away if you want, or you can start using it without one, but it is recommend that you sign up to make sending and saving easier. The menus will walk you through every component of a home inspection, including visual representations for scoring certain components, indicating which floor you are on and more. The photo button is always onscreen, as well, making it easy to take a quick photo during the inspection to augment your report and streamline writing later.

There are a number of apps like Fort Reports that allow you to perform home inspections on an iPad, but few are as well crafted or as easy to use as this app. If you are a home inspector or work with or for one, this is an app that can and probably will change how you perform your job. For those that want to go digital, it's a must have.

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