Review: ePhoto Transfer moves photos between computers and iOS via W-iFi

Connect to other iOS devices and computers quickly for photo transfers.

ePhoto Transfer Free is a portal for your iOS devices to move files between desktops, tablets, and phones on the go. With the option to share through a browser, or through another person's own device, you can get your images just about anywhere with this app; and in our tests it was decently fast and easy to use.

There are a lot of apps that do pretty much the same thing as ePhoto Transfer Free. The key metrics of usefulness then, are the speed of transfer and ease of use. In both cases, ePhoto Transfer Free worked well. Transfers were done at Wi-Fi speed, which they should on a Wi-Fi connection but often they don't in other comparable apps. The setup is also easy, with a walkthrough at every step showing you what to do, what address to enter into a browser, how to check your photo library from this app, and how to connect with other users. Even for technophobic users, the walkthrough here is straightforward and detail-oriented enough to ensure you get the results you need.

If you frequently move files between computer and iPhone or iPad, consider downloading ePhoto Transfer Free. It's free with ad support, works very fast, and enables you to quickly share files between any iOS devices and computers you might have, including the devices and PCs or Macs of your friends. While there are other apps with more features out there, this is a finely-made, quick-operating option that will ensure you can always move files quickly.

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