Review: STBar Timer makes it easy to time yourself while working on your Mac

Set a timer, track your work time, and more with this menu bar app for your Mac.

STBar Timer adds a timer to your menu bar so you can keep track of what you've been working on. The app has few options but works quickly and provides what for many will be a very useful accountability tool while working.

After downloading the DMG file, you can install the menu bar and it will remain there until you turn it off or tell the system to not start it with restarts. By default it shows a blank stopwatch. Click the clock and you can start, stop, or restart the timer. This is a very basic app, but it works well and uses almost no memory. There are no extra tools here, no way to record or compare your timer settings, and no way to change how the timer appears in the menu bar. For some, this will be a problem, but for anyone that just wants to track the time it takes to complete any given task, it's a great tool because of its ease of use.

STBar Timer is a useful app that performs a single function, but performs it very well. It is not the most powerful time-tracking tool available for the Mac, but it is one of the easiest to start using.

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