Review: Spell-o-Gram is a bare-bones scramble app

Rush to unscramble words in this very basic, but moderately-fun app.

Spell-o-Gram is a fun, but feature-bare app that allows you to test your word scramble skills against the computer in multiple high-score runs. The result is an app that is both fun and a little frustrating, because it never goes beyond its core premise -- short scramble puzzles. Still, if you enjoy these puzzles, you will enjoy this app; and because it is free, there is no reason not to give it a shot.

The installation process is quick: download the app and run it from the developer, though you'll need to input a security override because it's a third-party app. After this, a single-screen interface will pop up with a variety of information on it. You can change the time settings and a handful of options before clicking the "Start" button, which causes the game to throw out puzzle after puzzle at you. These puzzles are basically four- to ten-letter word scrambles of varying difficulties, and the more you complete, the higher your score. Because it is timed, of course, there is a cap, but the time limit is a fun addition that will keep you pushing for ever-higher scores.

Whether you enjoy word scrambles or are looking for a short distraction on your Mac, Spell-O-Gram is a decent app that will entertain you for a bit. It probably won't become a favorite, but if you need a light distraction, it fits the bill.

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