Review: Name This Tune taps your iTunes library to test your music knowledge

Test your musical memory with this fun, free tune-matching game.

Name This Tune is a music- matching and guessing game for your iTunes library, reminiscent of the music-matching games that used to come with iPods in the pre-App Store days. This particular app is fairly rudimentary with few options, no graphics in the interface, and only a set number of options for connecting with your iTunes library; but the game works well and is fun for those that enjoy testing their music knowledge.

The app downloads as a runnable file, so you can use it right out of the box without any additional installation required; but because it is delivered by a third party, you'll need to add a security exception before using it. After doing so, it loads quickly and taps into your iTunes library to load playlists. If you have none, the app won't work, so make sure to create or update your playlists before starting the app. After doing so, you can start a playlist and it will play a song that you can then choose from a drop-down list of titles. If you match it right, you can either keep listening or go to the next song to test your knowledge.

Name This Tune is fun, though it could use a few additional features, and because it forces iTunes to close and open frequently, it's not an effective music player in its own right; it's better used as a standalone activity or game that you only use when you want to test your or a friend's music knowledge. For that, it works quite well.

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