Review: Brain Tease II is a bare-bones game, testing your math skills

Add, subtract, multiply, and divide to solve brain teasers in this "edutaining" app.

Brain Tease II pits your wits against different difficulty levels of math problems that are tallied, scored, and added to your high score. While the game is pretty bare bones with no graphics to speak of and limited tracking, it works well for what it promises -- a math puzzler for the Mac.

After downloading the DMG for Brain Tease II you can open and start playing it right away. You'll need to right click and open it to bypass the security settings in Mountain Lion, but there were no issues in doing so and it ran quickly during our tests. The app, itself, is bare bones, showing a few math problems, a high score table, and a timer. Before starting you can change difficulty settings, as well. This is clearly designed for children to test their math wits, so the difficulty ranges from basic arithmetic to multiplication and division problems. The results can be tough when you consider the speed needed to get a lot of puzzles done.

Brain Tease II's puzzles are not meant to be hard, but the time limit puts the pressure on. The result is a compelling math game that works despite the app's rudimentary design and lack of general features and settings beyond what you see onscreen. This is a good tool for anyone learning basic math skills.

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