Review: AppMenu Magic replaces text with icons on your menu bar

Swap out the menu text for the active app on your Mac with an icon.

AppMenu Magic is less of an app than a script that changes the way the name of each app displays in the menu bar. It does this very well, however, actively changing on the fly the name of every app you have open to the icon for that app in the menu bar. Installation takes a moment as key system settings are revised, but afterwards, it runs seamlessly in the background whenever you start a new app.

After downloading the DMG from the developer you must install the script, which requires a handful of steps through a traditional installation screen. This takes a couple of minutes, but the system will handle all of the heavy lifting -- there is no technical work here and no copy-pasting of files. After installation, some menus will reset and your computer will log out. Once logged back in, you'll notice that the name of the currently active app is changed to its icon in the top-left corner of the menu bar. This is cool in its own right, but it also frees up some valuable space on the bar. If you ever want to turn the script off, there is an option in the file menu for every app.

Installation may take a few minutes, but it is still fairly easy, and this script will continue running smoothly in the background, replacing the text with an icon on your menu bar. It's a fun and relatively useful app for a number of different things.

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