Review: Manage, import, and play your music using Winamp for Mac

Play your audio files and easily sync with iTunes using this popular media player, originally created for Windows-based PCs.

Apart from being a useful music organizer and player, Winamp for Mac performs quick imports from other music downloading programs like iTunes. Its good graphical interface and easy-to-use features make it a good choice for any level of Mac user, from newbie to expert.

Winamp for Mac starts up with a menu that allows the user to import songs from other programs, which includes iTunes as one of the options. As an additional useful feature, the program can be set to check iTunes every time at startup so that any new songs are added, automatically. As opposed to most applications, the menu is set with light text on a black background, which is acceptable for this type of media application. Once initiated, the iTunes sync completed much more quickly than expected, even with over two thousand songs on the test computer. Playlists imported, as well, and were displayed in a left sidebar. As in iTunes, itself, the songs are displayed in the main window. Track information, playback controls, and volume are controlled from the top of the window and the buttons are easy to understand and operate. These options can also be changed from drop-down menus along the top of the computer screen.

Even though it's a program originally developed for Windows-based computers, Winamp for Mac works well and easily integrates with existing song downloading software on Mac. This application could be a worthwhile solution for those looking for an alternative program to play back audio files.

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