Review: Alter the format of videos and audio with Swift Converter Lite for Mac

Change your file formats quickly with Swift Converter Lite for Mac.

With its ability to convert video and audio files to a number of common formats, Swift Converter Lite for Mac proves to be a useful application for any Mac user. For those who need to change a number of files quickly, the application's operation and basic interface are advantages over other, similar programs.

The program's main menu lacks advanced graphics, but is well thought out and easy to navigate. Along the top of the window users can click buttons for a number of features, including importing files and cropping them. Users can also drag and drop files into the main window rather than manually selecting them. The main area shows the files as well as a thumbnail, crop information, and the output format. The bottom area also allows the user to select different output files for both video and audio. A large "Start" button initiates the conversion process. Swift Converter Lite for Mac's ability to process files in batches is useful for those who have a number of video files to work with. A full version of the program is available, but the limitations on the Lite version are not clearly listed.

As a free media file conversion program, Swift Converter Lite for Mac provides quick performance, an easy-to-use interface, and includes all of the features expected from this type of program. It is suitable for users who frequently need to convert audio and videos to different formats, as well as for those who need to extract audio files from videos.

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