Review: Compress and extract larger files and folders with Remo ZIP for Mac

Create compressed files for easier transfer and update them at any time using Remo ZIP for Mac.

Remo ZIP for Mac helps users create, extract, or update compressed files and folders on their systems for easier and quicker uploading to the Web, sending as e-mail attachments, or storing. The application features well-designed and easy-to-use menus with good labels and clear graphics.

After starting up, the main menu includes two large and well-designed buttons that allow the user to select from either creating a compressed file or opening and updating an existing one. Users can also click on an icon in the upper right for help or to upgrade the program to the pro version. After selecting the create option, Remo ZIP for Mac brings up a menu where the name of the archive is chosen, as well as the file extension. Users can choose between RZIP, which is the default, and ZIP file extensions. Users can also choose the compression level. There are 10 levels in total and range from SuperFast to Best. Additionally, users are given options to add a password or split files but these are not available in the free version of the software. Additional menus walk the user through more steps of compression, including an area where files and folders can be dragged and dropped. Clicking the option to open and update a file brings up a typical finder window to select the compressed file, which is then opened. Here users can easily update compressed archives by adding and removing any files they like. During testing, the compression and extraction operations all completed quickly, and without any problems.

Users who frequently deal with large files or files in bulk will definitely appreciate the quick operation and ease of use Remo ZIP for Mac offers.

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