Review: Free Website Blocker for Mac helps parents restrict children's access

Keep other users from visiting certain sites by blocking specific words, phrases, or complete URLs using Free Website Blocker for Mac.

Primarily used as a parental control tool, Free Website Blocker for Mac easily blocks access to specific Web sites by defining words or phrases which to block, or by simply blocking complete URLs. For those who need a basic program to block specific online content, this program performs adequately.

Free Website Blocker for Mac starts up into a basic menu that includes few buttons or available options. The first is a check box for turning the program on or off, and has no other buttons other than an apply button. Other sub-menus allow for the filter to be applied either to a specific Web address or Web pages with certain terms in them. Users can easily type the terms into the window and click the "Apply" button to initiate them. The program does not have any other options, and lacks any feature for password-protecting changes. During testing, the Web pages entered were blocked, but any person wanting to change this could easily open the program and do so. Adding a password protection option would enhance this program and make it more secure.

For blocking Web sites quickly, Free Website Blocker for Mac works well, but those with technologically savvy children would likely want to look for a more sophisticated password-protected option that isn't so easily accessed.

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