Review: Transfer, manage, and annotate documents with DocWallet

Encrypt and synchronize documents between devices while on the go using DocWallet document lock box.

DocWallet document lock box uses hybrid encryption and SSL secure connection to securely transfer and sync your files between devices while allowing you easy access from any location. The app achieves additional security with its password protection option.

DocWallet downloads directly to your iTunes, and requires you to authorize your device. Since this is an app for iPad you will need to download an additional application for your Mac from the official Web site. Once installed on your Mac, the app opens to a well-designed interface offering smooth transitions between windows and options. You will have options to link with an account, load settings, and start straight away by setting a password. Once you create your password you can proceed to a file manager window displaying pre-made folders and a manual in PDF just in case you need it. In the upper-right corner there is a button for importing files, while in the upper-left there is a link to general settings and a lock option for locking and unlocking the app. The menu beneath features options for creating a new folder, ordering documents, and changing the way you view your folders. Once you connect your iPad, the files can be easily imported and synchronized. You can just drag and drop files into your Mac application and with just a click you will be able to synchronize and access them on your iPad via the mobile app. In order to use the DocWallet Sync function, you will need to set up an account on your Mac or on the iPad before activating the app. Your e-mail address will be used for the account name and activation. The app is free, but to use the Sync function on up to three devices you need to purchase a voucher for $10.99. You can also use the Sync function with an unlimited number of devices during one year by purchasing a voucher for $21.99.

DocWallet document lock box offers a good solution for users who frequently travel and need to have a secure access to their confidential files and documents from different locations.

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