Review: Album Artwork Assistant quickly adds cover art to your iTunes library

Search for cover art and add it to tracks from one app, with Album Artwork Assistant for Mac.

Album Artwork Assistant for Mac doesn't automate the task of adding cover art to your iTunes library, but it's more accurate than some other utilities that do and much easier than doing it, manually.

We installed Album Artwork Assistant for Mac without issues and launched it to give it a try. Though the interface seemed intuitive, we were actually a bit befuddled with how to get started. The app window appeared and displayed the tracks of the last album we'd listened to in iTunes in the top half of the window. Below the track list was a search bar, but typing in the names of other albums seemed to have no effect on the track list above. We finally gave in and read the Help file and discovered that a track must be selected within iTunes before switching back to the Assistant to search for Artwork. Thankfully, the program offers an option to install an AppleScript into iTunes so that once a track is selected, a hot key combination launches the app and searches for artwork. The bottom of the window displays possible images for the cover art, and the search bar is used to refine the results, if need be. Artwork can be added immediately to each file in an album at the click of a button, or queued up if you want to process several albums at once. Though it's not intuitive at first, once we understood the process it became very easy and quick to add cover art.

Album Artwork Assistant for Mac acts as a good tool for those who want to take full advantage of the iTunes 11 interface and easily add cover art to their library.

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