Review: Sound Volume Booster enhances your audio sound volume

Add more sound to your music files using Sound Volume Booster.

Sound Volume Booster makes things louder, but it's almost impossible to use thanks to the rampant ads. Half the time, you won't even be able to get through the ads to get to the actual app. It might not be worth trudging through to get to the limited amount of audio boost it gives you.

Every time you load this app, it sends more ads at you than your phone can handle. It makes you agree to Airpush and other ad agreements that slide ads on your browser, home screen, and more, as well. More often than not, trying to navigate away from the ads just results in more ads, creating a seemingly never-ending stream of ads for you to click through. If you happen to make it through this barrage, the app rewards you with a layout that looks rather goofy. The buttons look like something out of a 90s-era Geocities site. Sound Volume Booster will make your songs a little louder, but it tends to degrade the quality of any track you use. Even if the app produced amazing audio quality, the awful ads would still be enough to drive most away.

Sound Volume Booster seems to be a great idea executed poorly. The ads come at you from every possible direction and, quite simply, get in the way of the app's one purpose. There's little benefit in downloading this one.

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