Review: Song Lyrics Free enables users to find lyrics and popular artists

Search for lyrics of your favorite songs, albums, or popular artists, play videos, add to favorites, and rate using Song Lyrics Free.

Song Lyrics Free aims to help users find lyrics of their favorite songs, artists, and videos but ultimately lacks content. It's disappointing that the app fails at the only thing you expect from it -- making the basic Google search more efficient for finding the song lyrics you're looking for.

Song Lyrics Free opens to a basic interface with a search field and three initial buttons -- favorites, featured artists, and share this app. The app lets you customize your search by artist name, song title, album title, or lyrics, but don't expect it to find what you're looking for unless you search for a big-name pop star. In our tests, it didn't find any artist that aren't tearing up the pop charts. Even with the artists it does find, it usually only gives you their bio and a small sampling of their work to browse lyrics. You will be able to swipe through their albums, which then opens all tracks included in each album just beneath the album's name. However, during testing we noticed that even some of the app's "featured artists" only had one or two songs to choose from. Video is even harder to find in the app. During testing, it took 13 different artists to find a page that actually had videos on it, and on some occasions the app wouldn't play the video stating the content owner didn't make it available for mobile devices. As for layout, Song Lyrics Free does make the lyrics fairly easy to read.

The app has a great idea and offers a few useful features, but that doesn't make up for the sheer lack of lyrics or ability to find artists. Song Lyrics Free might be worthwhile once it gets more content to choose from.

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