Review: Shark Attack 3D Live Wallpaper attacks your phone with a goofy shark

Feed a hungry 3D shark that attacks touchpoints on your phone's home screen.

Shark Attack 3D Live Wallpaper offers an interesting idea most "Jaws" fans should find cool, but is absolutely loaded with ads. You'll be shocked that developers were able to jam so many ads into a wallpaper app. To get rid of ads the user needs to purchase the full version of this app.

Like most Live wallpapers, Shark Attack 3D Live Wallpaper seems to be a battery drainer, so you might not want to use it 24/7. Even though it is 3D, the shark is rather badly rendered and could look better. When you tap blank parts of the screen, it will "attack" your finger, but there's only one animation, so it gets old fairly quickly. Shark Attack 3D Live Wallpaper requires permissions such as your GPS and other location services, which is rather odd considering its purpose. The app comes packed with a load of nasty ads, too, including the dreaded Airpush suite of ads that puts ads on your browser and other places.

Shark Attack 3D Live Wallpaper offers some blood and gore and a somewhat realistic shark. It also comes packed with ads unless you buy it. It will be up to you if the shark appeal outweighs the advertising.

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