Review: MP4 Video Player For Android lets you browse and play MP4 video clips

Explore your MP4 video collection on the go with MP4 Video Player For Android.

MP4 Video Player For Android includes a clean and basic user interface but offers very limited features and several negative elements such as annoying adware integration.

Upon setup, users will notice that their MP4 video files will be visible on the application's home screen. Unfortunately, the thumbnail images for the files don't always appear next to the title, which may be a compatibility problem. Another problem we encountered is that the player couldn't play some MP4 files used for testing. When it couldn't play the file, the program either crashed or it just played a blank screen. Additionally, the moment that MP4 Video Player For Android is installed, the user's notification bar will begin to fill up with advertisements. Sometimes two or three at a time will pop up. While we appreciate having to pay the bills, the ad stream here was more of an ocean.

With the large amount of free and universal video players on the market, including many that play more than one file type, it's easy to find one that places more emphasis on the music and less on the ads. We suggest you skip this one and look for a player with marketing that doesn't get in the way of the main purpose.

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