Review: Browse the Web, manage downloads with Free Direct Download Manager

View your favorite media online using Free Direct Download Manager with media player capabilities.

Free Direct Download Manager aims to ameliorate the process of managing downloads and browsing the Internet but instead it actually overcomplicates things. It seems as though this application was meant for a different time when stock browsers didn't support Adobe Flash, or have built-in download managers in the operating system of the device. Overall, the application seems clunky and difficult to use. Its layout is hard to read and the browser doesn't support pinch zoom.

Installation and setup for this application goes fairly easy considering there are no advanced settings and the application, itself, is very small. The most difficult part of Free Direct Download Manager is its functionality. There are no instructions on its use or controls, which would have been quite welcome. It may take quite a while for a user to even begin to utilize this application due to its poor design. The arrangement of the browser seems very dated and the controls are unintuitive. The file manager section of the application includes very small text, and even on a tablet the text seems impossible to read. The download manager is almost functionless. Users cannot move files, rename them, or even browse through them, effectively. Additionally, the app includes ads on every corner.

Users looking for a good Web browser and a download manager should consider just upgrading their operating system before downloading this application. While there are many great applications that are up-to-date and could improve your experience, Free Direct Download Manager doesn't seem to be one of them.

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