Review: Alter your friends' faces with Fun Face Changer Extreme Free

Create hilarious images of yourself or people you know with Fun Face Changer Extreme Free.

Fun Face Changer Extreme Free allows the user to place virtual stickers over a photograph to decorate or alter it. The application does not allow the user to bend, melt, or warp images like most other face-changing applications do. Once the image has been altered to the desired finished product, the user can then save the photo or share it on social media sites such as Facebook. While this app can be fun to play with, it is plagued with problems. Incessant advertising, difficult controls, and stability issues are all common during the use of this application.

While the installation goes easy, the annoying advertising begins the moment the app is downloaded. Once the application is opened, a video begins to play that attempts to sell you another application. This is before you even had a chance to try out Fun Face Changer Extreme Free. The main screen then opens and you are able to get started. Initially you must select an image from your gallery since the application is not capable of taking pictures. Once an image has been selected, stickers can be selected from a menu and placed on the screen. The user easily drags the image around and uses pinch-to-zoom to stretch the sticker. The controls are hard to use because the buttons are very small and close together. They also must be depressed for a couple of seconds before they activate. Oftentimes the entire application locks up or forces a shutdown due to instability.

Fun Face Changer Extreme Free seems quite limited in its capabilities and is not easy to use. The constant bombardment of advertisements and the application's instability are also serious downsides of this app. Combine that with the fact that, despite its name, it doesn't actually alter the faces in your images, we suggest you give this one a pass.

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