Review: Use your Android phone as a mouse with Easy PC Control

Command your home computer with your mobile device using Easy PC Control.

A two-part application, Easy PC Control allows you to use your mobile device as a mouse or keyboard, or to control other basic functions. This application can even shut your computer off when you are done using it. While some of the bugs need to be worked out, the overall experience is satisfactory.

Installation of Easy PC Control requires the installation of an additional application on your PC. This application allows the two devices to work together. Once the application has been downloaded on both devices, the PC application must be opened via the "Start" button. Once the Android device has connected to the computer, the rest is easy. Easy PC Control displays a picture of a trackpad on the screen and it functions exactly like the real thing. A small button on the bottom of the screen switches the view to a keyboard. The keyboard is not as good as the mouse function, though. It can be twitchy, sensitive, and inaccurate at times. The app also features controls for the screen power, volume, and system power, which all worked exactly as we expected.

The demand for Easy PC Control may be quite limited, but the application, itself, is very interesting. The cooperation of two devices goes smoothly and the unusual use of an Android phone is very creative. This app is a potentially useful tool for traveling businessmen and gamers, or could hold you over in the event that your mouse breaks.

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