Review: Dumb Ways To Die Free plays the popular viral video

Enjoy watching a creative animation dedicated to rail safety in Melbourne, Australia.

Dumb Ways To Die Free plays a popular Internet video while advertising other applications. The video, itself, is part of a public service campaign conducted by Metro Trains in Melbourne, Australia, created to encourage rail safety. Its humorous and morbid animations, combined with a catchy tune, made it a viral sensation all over the Internet, but that doesn't mean you need this app to enjoy it.

The Dumb Ways To Die video consists of several cute characters experiencing random and unusual deaths. At the end of the video the last few characters all die from tragic railway accidents that could have been easily avoided. The song in the background tells a grizzly tale about each of the deaths, but with light and happy music. It is confusing and entertaining at the same time. The Dumb Ways To Die Free app takes a while to download since it's 28MB. The immense size is due to the fact that you are downloading a three-and-a-half minute long video clip, with decent resolution. The application is pretty self-explanatory, though. Once the user opens it, the video begins to play. Users can also tap a link to explore other applications that are available.

Dumb Ways To Die Free doesn't seem to be a very useful application. It is not a game or a tool. It just plays a video and attempts to sell you more applications. We can't really recommend this app since the popular video can be viewed by anyone on YouTube at any time without the need to install this application.

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