Review: Clean Master improves your device's performance by eliminating junk files

Speed up your Android device and free some extra space by getting rid of junk you don't need using Clean Master.

Clean Master provides every possible tool you need to improve the performance of your Android device. It can eliminate hordes of junk files that riddle your device, quickly empty the cache, or simply uninstall a pesky application. This application is beautifully designed, cleverly engineered and technically perfect.

From the moment you install Clean Master you will know that you have something useful. Within seconds of the install you are able to get your device going faster. The main menu is divided into quarters. In the first section, an icon represents the cache files. Users must tap on this square to delete cache files. The second section covers all of the junk files. These are files that are left behind even after the user deletes an application. The third section is for the applications. It allows users to uninstall pre-installed applications or the ones they installed. This feature will also eliminate all of the junk files associated with the application. During testing this application performed all assigned tasks quickly and flawlessly.

With its modern user interface and intuitive controls, Clean Master represents possibly the best application for memory cleanup available on Android. It is well-designed, super stable, and adds value to the Android operating system. This application is a must-have for every user who frequently installs apps, as well as for all other users looking for a way to clean their device and boost its performance.

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