Review: Explore the Internet with fast and intuitive Baidu Browser

Browse your favorite sites and explore many options offered in Baidu Browser.

Baidu Browser offers a light, high-speed alternative to the stock Android Web browser. It features a unique but intuitive interface with many common tools found in popular browsers as well as some additional options. Its T5 engine technology makes the browser compatible with HTML5 and definitely speeds up Web browsing. Additionally, the browser supports Flash.

When installing Baidu Browser, the user needs to accept the Terms of Use, download the improvement program, and install T5 engine, which claims to speed up surfing by up to 30 percent. After the T5 engine is downloaded, the browser will restart, automatically. Users are greeted with an interesting home page that already includes links to popular sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, and Yahoo!, and can be customized to the user's likings by adding new folders and URLs with just a click on the plus icon. The interface is very basic and easy to navigate. Next to the URL bar, there is a star icon in the upper left corner, which includes the following options -- add bookmark, add to speed dial, pin to desktop, and add to read later. There is also a plus icon in the upper-right corner for adding new tabs. Among many options the browser also offers a full-screen mode as well as options for sharing on popular social networks, via e-mail, Skype, Evernote, etc. We especially liked the option to switch between bright and night screen mode for easier reading and battery efficiency. Additionally, Baidu Browser lets the user make quick fingertip gestures to add a new page or move between different pages. Pinch-to-zoom and swiping function well, and the overall operation of the application is stable and without delays.

Baidu Browser offers a unique experience when it comes to Web browsing with some clever extras and a good design. It is a fast, intuitive, and overall stable browser. If you don't have a favorite Web browser yet or are looking for a smooth and fast browser, then this download might be for you.

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