Review: Experience a realistic waterfall effect with 3D Lost Waterfall Free

Enjoy high-definition images of flowing water with 3D Lost Waterfall Free.

3D Lost Waterfall Free realistically simulates a waterfall on your home screen. Users who enjoy amazing wallpapers will definitely be impressed with this application. Its high quality video runs in a seamless loop to create the effect that it is actually a live feed. The effect this wallpaper gives is very good and the application has very few drawbacks.

Since it's over 20MB, 3D Lost Waterfall Free could take some time to download on a 3G network and it's better to install it while on a Wi-Fi network. Surprisingly, the application is not filled with pushed advertisements or notifications. It simply displays high-quality wallpaper on your mobile device. The only annoying feature that this wallpaper has is a double-click activation that enables a pop-up advertisement. If the user double taps the wallpaper, they must view an advertisement for other live wallpapers as well as for the full version of this app.

3D Lost Waterfall Free offers a nice solution for Android users looking for a beautiful background. It features an image in high resolution with smooth animation. It is also fairly light on the resources, despite its high quality.

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