Review: 10000+ Free eBooks Reader lets you access and read thousands of books

Enjoy the work of top-selling authors on your Android smartphone or tablet with 10000+ Free eBooks Reader.

10000+ Free eBooks Reader gives the user access to thousands of free books and a basic reading tool to enjoy them after they are downloaded. The book selection consists of the usual classics as well as some modern day bestsellers. The avid reader should have little difficulty finding a good book among thousands that are available, and even a beginner will find the application easy to use.

The installation and setup for 10000+ Free eBooks Reader goes easy. The download time is very quick due to the small size of the application and no further registration is required to get started. A well-designed search tool initially requires the user to search for new books. Searches may be conducted using a keyword, or simply by browsing through the categories. Unfortunately, the categories are not organized alphabetically but by popularity. The search tool also suggests similar books based on the ones you searched for. While browsing through titles, thumbnails of the book covers appear next to the titles. The overall layout of the search tool is clear and easy to follow. The second half of the application consists of the reader function. Once a book has been selected, it will automatically open to the first page. Text size and page color can be changed to suit the reader's preference and bookmarks can be placed on the page. While popular functions such as Web searches or dictionary look ups do not exist in this app, the navigation is easy. You just tap the right side of the page to move forward and the left side to go back. You may also scroll the page up or down using a swiping motion.

10000+ Free eBooks Reader offers a great alternative to the well-known booksellers and is highly recommended to any avid reader. It is easy to use and free, but without the annoying advertising and pushed notifications.

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