Review: VIATube caches and plays YouTube videos offline

Create playlists and play them offline through this third-party YouTube browsing app.

VIATube Free is yet another YouTube browser, but unlike others, it allows you to create and save playlists for offline playback. Whether you are frequently in and out of Wi-Fi coverage or want to have access to your favorite videos or music while on the go, this is a great way to enhance your YouTube experience, and the performance of the app is, for the most part, very good.

After installing VIATube you can start browsing YouTube right away. While logging in is highly recommended to create new playlists, it is not required. You can start watching and the app will start caching videos (based on your preferences and recently-viewed videos) to your device. This worked very well, with videos being available for offline viewing only five minutes after testing (and probably quicker if we had tried it sooner). The only issue with this is that the normally battery-hungry nature of video is doubled when viewing and caching videos, simultaneously. This is not an all-day watching solution; you'll want to limit how often you cache videos.

That said, performance was still decent in most cases and we had no issues when going offline and playing videos that had been saved. VIATube, even in its free iteration, is a very good app and a must-have for anyone that enjoys watching and sharing YouTube videos on the go. Especially perfect for creating playlists of top 40 hits and music tracks that are currently hosted on YouTube, this is a great all-around app.

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