Review: Thermal Camera & Infrared Camera offers mixed results

Take thermal scan photos, albeit without much accuracy in terms of temperatures.

Thermal Camera & Infrared Camera FREE is a bit misleading in its description -- if only because the images you take are only filtered to look like thermal/infrared images. Of course, this is expected since the iPhone does not have infrared sensors, so it could be forgiven if the resulting photos looked good; but with a handful of issues and sometimes borderline-quality images, the app falls short in numerous places.

To start, there is the thermal issue. When you take photos in this app, it filters them to look as though they were taken with a thermal/infrared camera. In our tests, the resulting images were almost entirely red with some spots of blue and green, usually in places that were already blue or green. This is most likely because it is converting visible light into the effects you see onscreen, which is fine, except the resulting images are often washed out in a single color and hard to see. Additionally, while the timer is a nice addition, it loads underneath the ad banner, making it hard to select a time and use it effectively.

This is the free version of the app, meaning you can remove the ad banner for $0.99; but with no additional features, a limited number of photo taking options, and a thermal/infrared emulator that doesn't look very good except in the right lighting, this is not the app it could have been. Other apps have similar filters with other options, as well, and we'd recommend one of those, instead.

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