Review: Tiny Tower pits you against the rise of a one-building empire

Grow your tower, manage your citizens, and keep everything running smoothly in this incredibly addictive simulator game.

Tiny Tower is a marvelous game for the iOS platform, combining tried-and-true simulator mechanics with a unique mobile-friendly delivery that will keep you coming back again and again. The concept is this -- you are creating a tower in which you must manage citizens, businesses, and restaurants to earn money, keep building and generally ensure everyone remains happy. It seems easy enough at first, but the higher the tower grows, the harder it is to track everything.

The game starts the same for everyone as you create your first apartment and coffee shop. The game walks you through all of the basics -- adding new floors, creating new units, starting businesses, hiring employees, and managing stock. This game takes micromanagement to a new level as you can do everything from choosing the types of materials the business will stock and sell to choosing who will work there. As the game progresses, however, a lot starts to happen and you'll feel the pressure of running your tower, even as new features and options unlock.

Tiny Tower uses a money mechanic to help you speed up building new floors, businesses, and units. The money develops over time, naturally, but you can speed things up with an in-app purchase. The game is well balanced, though -- you'll never feel like this is necessary to get anywhere meaningful. From start to finish, Tiny Tower is a joy to play and whether you are a simulator fan or like village-builders, it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

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