Review: Smartr Contacts for iPhone expands your address book functionality

Connect your address book with Facebook, LinkedIn, and more, for added information and access on your iPhone.

Smartr Contacts for iPhone brings together just about every component you could want in a contact library, streamlining the process of checking, interacting with, or reviewing your network. Because it integrates deeply with all of your communication platforms -- including iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more -- the app is a perfect multi-platform view of your contacts.

While iOS 6 now does something similar, pulling contact information from Facebook to populate your contact lists, Smartr Contacts goes one step further. It draws from all of your connected social networks to get a face on every contact, curate your contact list, and ensure you have every possible piece of contact information out there. It also shows you the history of your communications, even allowing you to open past messages from Facebook directly in this app. It might sound messy, but the way the app is designed, combined with the general usefulness of universal contact/message search, makes it anything but. This is immensely useful -- the kind of thing Apple had in mind when they integrated Facebook but never quite fulfilled.

While Smartr Contacts is not the only communication tool you'll ever need, it is the best. Compared to existing address book apps for iOS, including the one built into your device, this is far and away more powerful, better executed, and more accessible than anything else in the field. If you have a large number of contacts and want to stay caught up with the management of them, this is the app for you.

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