Review: Room Planner creates digital plans for a remodel, new home, or revamp

Tag, label, and view in 3D how the space in your new home will look with furniture.

Room Planner by Chief Architect manages to solve one of the most common problems faced by someone buying a new home or renovating their old space -- digitizing the entire process. While there are plenty of space planners out there, Room Planner takes everything they offer and more and makes it mobile. Better yet, this app runs exceptionally well, even in the 3D planning mode. We experienced almost no slow down at any step, even as we added new spaces, changed dimensions, and placed furniture.

While the setup and learning phase is steep, Room Planner provides an in-depth tutorial when you first start. The only issue here is that the tutorial was mostly text, small, and therefore hard to read. Still, after zooming and reviewing how the app works, we were able to quickly start creating rooms and manipulating them to match our offices. The number of different furniture and fixture options is mind-boggling, and because you can change the view into three different modes (2D, 3D, and first-person), it's easy to determine where things should go and how they should go there. Sharing and saving your plans when done is also easy, and again, very fast.

The most impressive thing about Room Planner is how much the developer was able to jam onto a four-inch screen. This could be a full desktop app and no one would blink twice, and yet it works exceptionally well on a mobile device like the iPhone. This is a must-download for anyone preparing to buy or move into a new space.

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