Review: Pixel is Data artfully converts your photos to a series of pixels

Create pixel art with your photos in this fun, but, oftentimes, odd app.

Pixel is Data is a unique app that produces some truly impressive photographic art. Essentially, what this app does is convert your photos into pixelized renditions that take the colors and textures from the original photograph and create something entirely different. The images are unrecognizable when done, but they still look very cool.

The design of this entire app is stripped down and pixel-based, even before you start pixelizing your first images. It's a fun and engaging way to interact with your photos, even before you apply the filters. Once you are ready, you can choose a filter, decide the coloration of the pixels, the direction they will spread, and then an image from your camera or photo library to edit. Like most photo filters the effect is instant and will save to your photo library, automatically, though you can then share it with friends or upload it to a social network of your choice.

Pixel is Data is a fun, interesting way to convert and share your images with friends. It works well, is easy to set up, and the resulting images look exactly as you might imagine a "pixelized" photograph to look. If you are a pixel-fiend, enjoy digital-style art, and have an iOS device, this is a fun app that you will almost certainly enjoy playing with.

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