Review: Pic Jointer creates framed pictures with a handful of editing options

Add pictures to a collage and add effects before saving or sharing with friends.

Pic Jointer is very similar to other apps that combine images into collage-style multi-frame images, from the interface down to the editing options. The result is an app that works as intended, but does little to stand out as unique in a field filled with hundreds of very similar app options. None of this makes the app ineffective or a poor choice, but if you have an existing photo frame creator, then there is no compelling reason to switch to Pic Jointer.

As for the app, itself, Pic Jointer works as intended. When you start it up, you'll be able to choose one of many frames. You can then tap any of the slots on the frame to add your images. Add an image from your library or camera, and then move it around and add filter effects from the FX tab on the bottom of the screen. When done you can save your photos or share them with the standard social networks -- Facebook and Twitter. It's all effective, fairly quick, and doesn't have a lot of issues, other than ads that are a little too intrusive.

This is probably the biggest complaint we had when using Pic Jointer. It uses pop-up ads, which will show up when you are picking photos or trying to find a menu. The result is occasional and accidental taps of these ads, but it doesn't happen often enough to be a deal breaker. If you need an app that creates frames and collages, Pic Jointer is a decent one; if you already have a similar app, though, there is nothing new here.

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