Review: Photo Secret adds an extra layer of security to your iPhone

Save your sensitive photos to this password-protected app to keep them safe.

Photo Secret is a straightforward password-protection system for your photo albums, and it works quite well for what it offers. Using the built-in pin code method of password protection that comes with iOS 6, Photo Secret makes it relatively easy to add images from your photo library or camera to the protected folders of the app, while also giving you access to an internal Web browser from which you can download images to your device and password protect them.

The first thing Photo Secret does after installation is require you to enter and verify your password. This is important because similar apps often fail to show you how to do this or don't do it upfront. The security is the selling point here and it's on display early. After setting your pin, you can start adding images from the home screen or you can open the browser and start downloading images from Web sites to your device. The settings are diverse, as well, allowing you to turn off the passcode lock, turn on Wi-Fi transfer, or clear your cache and history in the browser -- all welcome tools for privacy.

If you want to protect images on your iPhone from prying eyes, Photo Secret is an effective, free tool that will get the job done. You can remove advertising for $0.99 but the ads were not intrusive or overly-aggressive during our use of the app. Overall, this is a very good security tool for anyone with sensitive images.

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