Review: Photo Album aims to organize and protect images, but has issues

Create custom albums, protect your images, and store separate from your Photo Library on an iOS device.

Photo Album is designed to provide an added layer of protection for your photos while offering a streamlined album creation system, but it tends to create more steps with minimal reward. With an awkward design and cumbersome interface, the system here is frustrating at times, and feels unnecessary at others. While there are a handful of things it does that are very welcome, the vast majority of the "new" features offered by Photo Album are just extra steps.

The biggest hurdle to using Photo Album is the lack of direction. When you first open the app, you can start adding images to a new library, but it's unclear how to do things like set passwords on private albums, move photos between albums, or make changes to the order or the cover of those images. These are all options, of course, and some of them -- especially the password option -- are very welcome, but buried in the menus; and with a fairly rudimentary design for the interface, it's all very frustrating trying to figure out.

There are few album creation tools with a solid password protection system in place, so if you are looking to protect certain images on your device, you might consider this app. However, for other things like organizing your images, there are better apps that are easier to use and that have fewer obstacles than this one. While everything advertised works well enough, you'll spend a bit of time completing extra steps in setup and execution to enjoy those features.

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