Review: Firefox 23 brings more awesome to Android

Latest version adds a new bookmark screen and a built-in RSS feed reader.

Firefox for Android now introduces the "Awesome screen," a bookmark screen with direct links to saved pages not unlike the "Speed Dial" page or bookmarks page found in Opera and Chrome, respectively. Yes, you read that correctly..."Awesome screen."

A more notable upgrade is what Mozilla has done with the title bar, itself, as well as a new "Switch to Tab" function. The title bar will now attempt to automatically predict and fill in the URL of the site you're trying to reach, similar to the Omnibar functionality found in Chrome. When not in use, the title bar will automatically slide out of view, giving you more screen estate to view your content.

Switch to Tab lets you quickly visit bookmarks saved in your "Awesome Screen" directly within your active browsing tab, without needing to open new ones and reducing clutter in the process.

And, of course, there's the complementary RSS feed reader; you can now subscribe to RSS feeds simply by long tapping and holding the "Awesome Bar."

Despite a steady stream of improvements, Mozilla has been struggling to gain a comparable amount of market share in mobile, but still lags far behind other alternatives like Chrome and Dolphin. But with Firefox OS looming on the horizon, perhaps the game will change in due time.

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