Review: Password Safe - iPassSafe Free Version is streamlined and efficient

Enter, store, and access your passwords on the go, with ease.

Password Safe - iPassSafe Free Version is a finely-made, easy-to-navigate vault for your passwords, credit cards, bank account numbers, and anything else you need to keep confidential on the go. While the security to protect this information isn't significantly more sophisticated than the pin on your iPhone, it does add a nice extra layer of protection and the interface to add and access stored information is very easy to use.

Upon setup, you will enter the starting code to start adding new numbers and passwords. We recommend you change your pin number before entering any of your data. The safe offers numerous entry options, including e-mail addresses, Web sites, credit cards, bank accounts, online passwords, and more. You can also tag each of these with an image for quicker access, which is a nice touch for those who prefer a visual prompt. Overall, this is a very quick and easy-to-use system for storing and accessing your personal information.

The major issue, of course, is that you are still storing this information on a mobile device -- one of the most commonly lost and stolen items any one person owns. So use discretion in what you store in the safe. However, for things like passwords and commonly used Web site information, it is a great tool to have -- just be sure to change the default code when you set it up.

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