Review: My Coloring Book Free allows young users to tap and fill colors

Designed for small hands, this app keeps children busy while tapping and coloring in a variety of different scenes.

My Coloring Book Free is a straightforward app with numerous coloring pages and a decent palate of colors, though few actual creative options. Instead of actively coloring in the pages, you just tap an enclosed space with whatever color you have selected and it is instantly filled.

When you first open My Coloring Book Free, you will be shown a blank coloring page with a few options at the top and a scroll button to change pages. There are quite a few offered for free, at the start, so you can get some decent variety right off the bat. However, the actual coloring process is very limiting. Instead of freestyling as in most coloring book apps, this one will fill those spaces for you. With the smaller screen, it makes sense on a certain level, but the effect is very limited. Additionally, some areas are very small and with no zoom feature, only tiny fingers will successfully tap those areas to fill them. Additionally, there is no "Undo" button so it's easy to get stuck going back and forth to the color menu.

My Coloring Book Free is an easy-to-use app in many ways, but only certain children will enjoy the linear coloring paths they are given. That said, for what it offers, it works fairly well and without any ads popping out and disrupting the experience.

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