Review: Math vs. Zombies is a perfect blend of math and topical gameplay

Turn zombies into humans with your math skills in this smartly-crafted educational app.

Math vs. Zombies is exactly what it sounds like -- you must solve math problems rapidly to stop zombies from attacking your character. The result may sound campy, but it's actually quite fun and adds an element of urgency to what would otherwise be relatively straightforward math homework. While the array of math seems to be limited at first, the interface, design, and game setup are all very well done.

Math vs. Zombies pits you, the math problem solver, against cartoon-friendly zombies (no blood and gore here). You must solve problems as they appear on screen to turn the zombies back into humans. With three difficulty levels that seem to correspond to the number of digits in your problems, it is possible to make this game harder than the initial 4+1 problems that you face. There are multiple levels, as well, and the timer, while forgiving, will ding you if you take too long to solve each problem. The effect is a decent, fast-paced math-focused experience that turns the mundane process of learning sums into a relatively fun game.

For young children who are learning various math concepts but would rather play a video game or watch a cartoon, Math vs. Zombies may prove to be a perfect in-between option. While the theme and presentation will certainly limit the audience of the app, if you have children with a pop-culture obsession with zombies, this app will serve them well.

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