Review: Logic Master 100 Floors has its share of brain teasers

Think your way past multiple levels of brain-twisting logic puzzles.

Logic Master 100 Floors is an interesting app in that the interface, design, and setup are all very rudimentary; but the core logic puzzles are still challenging and rewarding. While you'll deal with pop-ups, ads, mediocre design, and a home screen that doesn't fit the device right, once you get into the logic puzzles, you'll be engrossed trying to solve and advance through the levels.

After installation, the app starts to an off-center home screen and a couple pop-ups. The app is free so there are ads, though they don't appear to intrude too heavily once you start the game. The buttons are not always fully responsive either, but again, once you get to the games everything seems to settle down and run well. The games are fun if you enjoy brain benders that are not always rewarding. Some games take time to figure out and may be frustrating for the younger audience the publishers seem to be targeting.

If you enjoy logic puzzles, or have a child who could learn from a game that features a number of them, consider downloading Logic Master 100 Floors. The app could use some serious work in a number of areas, but the core gameplay works as it should and is rewarding for those that progress past the early levels. The game is free, but there are in-app purchases for the solutions to certain levels, and new levels as you progress. Everything is optional, however, and the puzzles can always be solved without paying money.

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