Review: iTranslate is an effective, quick, and mostly accurate translation tool

Rapidly translate text into and from numerous languages on the fly.

iTranslate is a fast, easy-to-use translation tool with numerous languages built in and accurate translations. Supporting voice for a lot of the languages, as well, this tool can serve you well on your next vacation, making it fast and relatively easy to translate on the fly between any number of different people and their languages.

The app opens to the translation interface and there are few options or settings you can change. It starts with English and Spanish by default, but if you click either of the two flags, you can change the language to one of many the app supports. Tap one with a sound icon next to it for voice support, as well. After testing a number of basic phrases like "what is your name" and "where is the bathroom" we found the translation tool to be extremely fast at pulling answers and always accurate. While the trials of dialect-specific phrasing, slang, and other language barriers that people often face when traveling overseas can't be overcome with any app, iTranslate works very well for basic translations; and because it is quick, it is a handy reference tool to have on the go.

Whether you are traveling or performing research or homework, iTranslate is a good download. The technology is solid, the app is quick, and resulting translations are generally very accurate, not to mention the depth of its language options.

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